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 Welcome Skeptic,

(That is not an insult it is actually healthy to be skeptical.) A skeptic believes that if something sounds too good to be true it might not be true. A cynic believes that everything has a catch. Everything is un-true and nothing will work.

Are you a cynic or a skeptic? Please read the following article to learn more about http://www.resultsminded.com/


I am surrounded by skeptics – I guess it takes one to know one.
By Robert Kothe, Author of Millionaires Secrets Revealed

My name is Robert Kothe and my favorite form of communication is writing. I tell you this because this article some day will turn into an epic explanation that might just solve the meaning of life. I’m kidding. I believe I already solved the meaning of life. I found out that:

 “The meaning of life is to find out what your own personal meaning of life is and then accomplish it.”

 Some people call it a legacy, other people call it your purpose, but this “meaning of life” seems to differ from individual to individual. I do want to touch on this again later but for now I want to get back to the subject at hand.

Now that we might have a clue as to what the meaning of life is, I wanted to share with you what this article is really about, skepticism. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to tell stories. I probably would have made a great story-teller who goes from town thousands of years ago passing on information but since the Internet exists today, I don’t think storytelling would be useful in that form.  Today we are called writers and authors.

The Theater Ticket Story:
One day in the fall, my wife, Cathy, and I decided to go to the movies. The main reason we decided to go was that we owned an “Entertainment Book”, (this is a big thick book that you purchase that is filled with discount coupons) and all of the coupons were about to expire the next day.

We had about 10, two for one (half price) theater ticket coupons for this one theater chain alone and only one day to use them. Cathy told me to bring the rest of the tickets with us and give them away on line. After all, we would not be able to use them again after they expired. This made sense since we know every person on the line wanted to not only see a movie that night but just happened to be going to the exact same theater chain that the tickets were for.

When we got to the theater there was a long like at the ticket booth so Cathy kept our place in line and I went out to give away the tickets. This should not take long after all it is the right theater and they would love to save half price. 

The first person I walked up to I said, “Would you like this discount ticket for this theater it is for this movie theater and it expires tomorrow. Much to my incredible surprise he said to me “Not interested” as if I was a pan handler or a street-side sales-person selling time shares on a corner.

I moved on to the next person. Hi, I have these free tickets that expire tomorrow. If I don’t use them today they will be useless. Would you like one? A guess he figured that the other person who said NOT INTREESTED knew something that he didn’t know so he said NO also. Now I was just blown away. I must be the worst sales person in the world if I could not give away free tickets with no strings attached to a movie that people are about to pay full-price for.

The next person I went up to at first was as skeptical but she took the time to ask a question before she dismissed me. She said, “What is the catch?” I said there is no catch. My wife and I decided to go to the movies today and since we only need one coupon for us, the rest of the coupons in the book will be expired if someone does not use them. Finally, this lady agreed to take a coupon. From this point forward it was easy everyone else down the line gladly said “yes” and I got rid of the rest of the stack. Some people even thanked me. 

As I walked back to join my wife on line, the very first person that I asked wanted to know if I had any coupons left. Apparently he saw the frenzy in front of him and realized he made an incredible mistake by PRE-JUDGING MY INTENTIONS. I politely said “No, I gave them all away.” I’m sure he felt pretty stupid paying $18.00 for 2 people to watch a movie when all he had to do was clear his skepticism by asking a simple question, . . . “What’s the catch?”

So why am I telling this story.
If you are reading this article it is probably because you met me, or one of my friends, and they somehow managed to strike up a conversation with you about a business that we own and are very excited about.

Unfortunately for us and unfortunately for you, like in the movie theater example, it is easier to say no then it is to ask a few questions and find out, “What’s the catch”. As skeptics and cynics this also implies that there is actually a catch in the first place. Like in the movie theater example, there was no catch it was just a nice couple with a logical reason to give away tickets before they expire.

Why does there always have to be a catch?
Isn’t it possible that somewhere out in this huge world there are nice people who are looking to help other nice people? Is it possible that there is ANY humanity left in this world? Is it too much to ask about hiving a friendly person the benefit of the doubt and go back to the fundamentals of our very own legal system that assumes that a person on trial is innocent before proven guilty? Is that too much to ask?

What are YOU going to do regarding this invitation?
Yes, speaking to one of us might lead to an invitation that could change your life for the better. We are simply looking for a couple of individuals who are willing to dare to dream again and carve out a few hours a week in order to take the necessary action to turn those dreams into a reality. A dream without any action is a wish or a want but they seldom happen.

One problem is that people do not see the trees through the forest
When somebody dreams of being debt free or giving their children a good education, they do not realize that it will take action in between. As adults there is no “Tooth Fairy” anymore. Nobody is going to put money under your pillow just because you lost a tooth. You need to take action and do something. Winning the lottery is not a good plan. Praying to God without any action as if your guardian angle will come down and give you a million dollars is not a plan. I think you already know if you have any rich relatives who like you and you might inherit the money. Waiting for them to die with money left is not only not a good plan but it is a bit selfish and goolish. If you want to be successful in the here and now, you have to take action here and now.

YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION – Lets start with waking up the dreams.
If you don’t know what you want how can you take the necessary steps to get there? Before me or my friends reveal anything about the business that we own, we need to know that we are working with people who are still alive.

Just because your body has a pulse does not mean that you still have life in you. On a daily basis I meet more “living zombies” with a blank look on their face.  Do you go to work . . .  Come Home. . . . .Go to work . . . . Come home . . . . Go to work . . . . Come home? 5 or 6 days a week for 8 to 12 hours a day? Do you enjoy that routine or are you so deep in a rut that your body and mind are on auto pilot?

Step #1: Tell someone what you would do in life if you had time freedom and financial freedom. Dare to dream again. WHAT IS YOUR MEANING OF LIFE?

I bet you thought I was just ranting above when I was talking about the meaning of life. Well it’s back and now it is your turn to figure out what will bring you joy and purpose to this world. I don’t believe you were put on this earth to go to work and come home for 45 years or more so why are you here?

Please email the person who told you about this article and tell them what you would do with your life if money were no object and you had the time to also take advantage of the money and good health.

If you don’t take that step, I guarantee that it would not matter if Willy Wanaka himself was giving away his candy factory to the person with the best dreams. You would not qualify for the free factory if you don’t have any dreams.

I took time to write this article. You read all the way down to the bottom. Please take the time to dream again and share your dream with the person who told you about this website.

Something magic happens:
When you tell somebody about your dreams it puts something wonderful in motion and you start a contract with yourself to try to accomplish your dreams. 

How to see the trees through the forest:
Let’s suppose you always wanted to just dance. You love dancing and you want to spend hours and hours dancing and practicing. I guarantee the business that we own does not have a dance component to it. This does not mean we can’t help you.

When you learn more about our business, you will find out that there are people in our business that made it work and today their only responsibility is to do what they want when they want. They play golf a lot or they practice ballroom dancing when they wand for as long as they want.  One of the people that I know just moved to Nashville, TN and released her first Country Western CD. I own it myself and it is fantastic.

When time and money are out of the equation. You can focus on finding your own meaning of life.

What are you waiting for? Tell someone about your dreams

When you do that we will tell you more about what we found that might be able to help you. It may or may not be for you but don’t be like the person on the movie line and just say “not interested” because it is easier than asking a few questions to find out if it is for real and decide if you will be willing and able to give it a try. 

Time is the one and only thing that people don’t have enough of. I would rather find out that you do not qualify for an opportunity because you did not take the time to dream and share your dreams then have to sit down with a person over a hot drink and find out that it is another case of the living dead that would rather take the easy road. The easy road is to say NO to everything and wonder why they are not getting ahead.

For your sake and your family’s sake take the next step and decide what you want in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Robert Kothe

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